EcoHouse Townsville

The Challenge

To build the highest possible energy rated 2 storey home through passive design and sustainable building practices.

Project had to be aesthetically striking, combine open plan living and be energy efficient all year round specifically through the heat of summer in Townsville North Queensland.

Management of local/regional social sustainability, use of recycled products and minimal harmful products like PVC and solvents.

The Solution

Utilising passive design principles Ecobuild Qld constructed North Queensland’s first 2 storey 9 star BERS energy rated home in a suburban area. This home incorporates North East orientation, the layout allows for good cross flow ventilation. Light weight construction, Insulation and low E Glazing were also used. Its features include large eaves and awnings, solar power, water saving technology, recycled materials, LED lighting, ecofriendly paints, finishes & floor coverings, and the installation of an innovative ‘priority switch’ that allows the occupants to turn off all standby power at the flick of a switch.

Are you looking to reduce your ecological footprint and save utility costs?