Green Eco-Friendly Building Brisbane

Welcome to the next generation Queenslander. All the things you love about the old combined with advanced design and technology.



Designed to shade windows and walls from harsh sunlight Awnings on East and West side of the home

Roof Design

Large Ceiling Cavity & Eave overhangs to minimise heat radiation into ceiling cavity. A Roof light in colour reflects heat Aircell insulation used under roof sheeting reflects heat radiation. Insulation batts used on ceiling to keep hot air out and cool air in.

FSC Timber

We use FSC (Forest Stewardship council) certified timber from sustainable sources. This includes products from well managed forests, products from responsible sources and products made from recycled material.

Passive Design

Climate appropriate design, Louvered Windows & Bi Fold openings Maximise breezes and cross flow ventilation House orientation on site. – Ideally a North facing aspect 1.2m eaves & awnings on the East & West elevations Room separation to contain secondary cooling when used.

Low E Glass

Low-emissivity (Low E) Glass: a thin, transparent metal coating applied to the glass surface. Designed to reduce the rate at which heat enters or escapes from your building. Perfect for louvers and windows where double glazing is not possible.

Lightweight Construction

Lightweight FSC certified timber framing & Trusses NRG Polystyrene Green board external cladding – used for its thermal insulation & a seam free rendered finish. FSC certified Kwila Shiplap wall cladding – used for aesthetics to soften external appearance.

LED Lighting

LED lights are the latest technology in energy efficient lighting. LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light. LED lights are super energy efficient, using approximately 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting – meaning significant savings on your power bills.


Heavy insulated home that features Stud walls insulated with R1.5 Pink batts External cladding 40mm NRG Green board R 2.18 Ceiling insulated with R3 pink batts Floor insulated with polyester acoustic quiet stuff R 2 Bathroom & toilet internal walls insulated with polyester acoustic quiet stuff R 2 Reuse of left over greenboard to insulate Other internal walls. Roof insulated with insulmist R2.5

Outdoor Living

Features a seamless indoor outdoor connection to encourage outdoor living. Perfect for entertaining & relaxing, taking in the views and enjoying our Queensland lifestyle.

Ecobuild Qld delivers sustainable building from the ground up through energy efficient design and construction. Our focus is on you, and your home. We are not a high volume builder and turnover is not paramount, what is paramount is individuality, well-crafted living spaces of the highest quality, our environment, and building a home that is unique, like you. We work with our clients to deliver architecturally designed eco-friendly homes and renovations. Sustainable building is important to us, and important to our future as a community.

Sustainable Building, What is the difference?

For the best energy rating possible it’s all about the design. Incorporating elements that maximise the natural breezes and cross flow ventilation. It’s about the aspect of your block and the position of your home, windows and shading to the sun’s path and local breezes. It’s about what the home is built from and cladded in. Insulation levels. It’s the window sizing, glazing, external shading solutions and even the colour of your roof makes a difference.

Green living extras both inside and outside your home like solar panels, LED lighting, large energy efficient fans, solar hot water or heat pump, water tanks, water wise landscaping, trees and plants that shade your home and even edible landscaping aid in reducing your footprint.

How do we deliver sustainable building?


We use FSC (Forest Stewardship council) certified timber from sustainable sources. This includes products from well managed forests, products from responsible sources and products made from recycled material.

Recycled materials and waste management

We use recycled materials wherever possible and recycle unused material and waste on each site.

Did you know our 9 star energy rated home had only 6m3 of general waste that was not recyclable?
All steel was recycled into raw material, All plastics coded 1 to 7 recycled, All cardboard waste recycled, All untreated timber turned into mulch, All aluminium cans recycled, All excavated earth reused onsite and mixed through top soil – we use trades who are ‘waste aware’, reduce, reuse, recycle.

Other Building Materials

We use Low VOC (volatile organic compound) Paints, Finishes & Floor Coverings; this makes a safer home to build and to live in.

Why are star ratings important?

Townsville is situated in a Climate Zone 1, which means a High Humid Summer and a Warm Winter. A home with a high star rating has good thermal performance and has the ability to reduce occupant discomfort naturally and without using artificial cooling methods often. You will be living the Queenslander lifestyle with less energy consumption and reduced energy bills.

Want more information on sustainable building and star ratings?
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