Nathan and his team are some of the easiest, most organised and professional people I have worked with to date on our house renovations. We had had a negative experience and were overall unsatisfied with a renovation done by another Brisbane company, who had not recessed our ensuite shaving cabinet, wall mounted our vanity, or provided sufficient fall of the water to run off for our shower. We terminated our work with them and brought in Nathan to redo this work, and complete the remaining bathrooms and laundry in our house. The process was like night and day. Nathan had a very exacting daily task list and trades were organised and choreographed to arrive and leave like clockwork so no hour was left wasted, and everything was co-ordinated perfectly. Every single work day more of the rooms were visibly completed. The plumber was meticulous to the point of perfection. The tiler was selected for his history of quality installations and flown up from Sydney to correct the shower works from the previous company, and to lay all the new tiles. The carpentry was precise, and Nathan was hands-on overseeing the task regularly to keep things running smoothly. In addition to all this, he cleaned the liveable space at the end of each day, and when there was dust he put plastic sheeting over the work room doors to minimise the chances of furniture getting dirty. Other trades such as the electrician were all great, and friendly. He certainly picks his team carefully. Overall we could not be happier. I would absolutely recommend you use Nathan and his team. My wife especially loves the new laundry. And of course, ragarding the previous work, Nathan was able to recess the shaving mirror, wall mount the vanity and redo the shower base with sufficient fall to run away the water. All in all, a complete success. Thanks guys. I will definitely be calling you again soon to come and work on our bar renovation!